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Reb Aharon Leib on Purim and Megillas Esther

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The joy of Purim is on another level entirely, and at the home of Rabbi Shteinman it was even more profound, elevated and enduring. 

This book was compiled by Reb Aharon Leib’s grandson Rav Avraham Yeshayahu Shteinman, and includes his insights on Parshat Zachor and Megillat Esther as well as a selection of Rabbi Aharon Leib's rulings and customs for Purim. Fascinating bonuses such as memories of Purim in the Rav's home and stories of his incredible devotion to Torah complete this book.

• Insights on Parshat Zachor and our obligation to destroy Amalek

• The full text of Megillas Esther, with commentary based on R’ Aharon Leib’s insights

and writings, as well as those of other gedolim such as the Chazon Ish, the Ponovezher Rav, and Rav Chaim Kanievsky (who is the author’s maternal grandfather)

• A selection of R’ Aharon Leib’s Purim customs and halachic rulings

• Memories from family and talmidim of what Purim was like in the Shteinman home

• Stories about R’ Aharon Leib’s incredible devotion to Torah, and his remarkable life

• R’ Shteinman’s teachings on how to be happy all the time.